Asphalt Mixture Characterization Tests Done With Specialized Equipments

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Industries

Asphalt mixture characterization tests are performed to explain parameters of fundamental mixture such as asphalt binder content and density. In this post, we will discuss three primary mixture characterization tests performed by professionals with the help of asphalt testing equipment.
Bulk specific gravity

It is mainly the density of a compacted HMA specimen. It is a critical HMA characteristic as experts use it for calculating most other HMA parameters including VMA, air voids, and TMD. There are many ways to measure bulk specific gravity, such as-

  1. Water displacement methods- These methods are used for calculating specimen volume by weighing the specimen in and out of the water bath. The difference in both weights is then used to determine the weight of water displaced, which can be changed to a volume using the specific water gravity.
  2. Paraffin – Paraffin method helps determines volume in similar way as water displacement method does. However, in this method, experts use a melted paraffin wax instead of water to fill air gaps. This means when wax sets completely, there is no way of it draining out and this offers precise volume calculation.
  3. Parafilm – In this method, experts wrap the sample in a thin parafilm film and then weigh it in and out of water bath. As the sample is completely wrapped, it will submerged and no water seep into it and they will calculate accurate weight. However, it may consume time to wrap the film properly and they cannot expect consistent results.
  4. Dimensional- This is the simplest method to calculate volume based on measurements of height and width. It is often inaccurate as it assumes a precise smooth surface, so ignoring irregularities of surface.

All these tests involve skills and expertise of professionals who use special asphalt testing equipments at different stages.

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